The Going Out Scarf

Summer is here and it is all about the long evenings and pastels have made a comeback. Cover up when the sun goes down with these wrap around scarves.

Tips & Trends

Wide Capes

The catwalk this spring was dominated by wide floating kimono style cover ups.

How to Wear

Our garments can be worn by all ages. Many of our garments are multipurpose - all of our one-sized short or long jackets can be worn as a shawl over an outfit, or as a jacket in their own right. We are happy to give you more information on how to wear our garments and the styles and colours which suit you. Please pick up the phone and call us for individualised style advice.

Celebs in Besarani

Many celebrities and MP’s have enjoyed wearing our garments for the richness of the fabrics and the vibrant colours. 

Celebrities wearing our garments include Supermodel Kate Moss, Comedian Jo Brand and Actress Shona McGarty.